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buttonwood gaming

Buttonwood Gaming is a start-up game design company developing a digital simulation where the player can navigate 300+ years of history: building a firm, managing investors and employees, trading stocks, engaging in commerce, forming companies – living and even changing history. The firm was founded in 2017 and anticipates a playable beta in 2019. Based in Cambridge, MA, it has collaborators at MIT and worldwide.






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Your support is invaluable as we continue to design and prototype in the coming months. This list will be used for periodic updates, surveys, and sourcing players for our upcoming Beta and Kickstarter campaign.

Please consider sharing this link with others who might be interested: the power of your network is exponential!


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We are looking for talented, proactive, and passionate Interns for two roles: Design & Data and Development -- contact Isaac Schlecht at to apply!

Design & Data Intern

  • Design of underlying gameplay, mechanics, objects, and events

  • Aggregation of economic, financial, and demographic data

  • Estimation and interpolation of missing data

  • Undergraduate and graduate students with passion for data, economics, business, history, product management, applied math, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and other social sciences

Development Intern

  • Implement programming in unity / C#: including graphics & AI scripts

  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code using agile methodology

  • Think proactively to identify and fix bugs and understand the impact of one's work on the project

  • Undergraduate and graduate students with passion for CS, engineering, game development, game design, programming, math, physics, engineering, and other quantitative disciplines

We evaluate professional Unity Developer / Programmer talent on an ongoing basis. Please submit your resume and portfolio to the email above after reviewing the job description below!


  • Deliver high-quality and well-structured code

  • Draft, configure, iterate, and refine content given a variety of development challenges

  • Work with client to create and track tasks necessary to support design goals

  • Must be undeterred by impediments and capable of self-managing daily tasks in pursuit of larger long term goals

  • Willingness to share knowledge with colleagues and client


  • Strong knowledge of Unity game engine, C#, and OOP principles

  • Good problem-solving skills, proactive and team-oriented work ethic

  • Fast learner, self-manager, adaptable, and pragmatic

  • Refined and detail-oriented aesthetic sense; design-oriented mindset

  • Track record of successful team-based game development projects (1+ games and 2-5+ years of relevant professional experience)

  • University degree or equivalent in Computer Science or related disciplines

  • English at communicative level

  • Available references


  • Experience developing simulation or strategy games

  • Appetite for ideating gameplay features and content (such as skills, events, or items)

  • Expertise in AI and machine learning for simulations

  • Comfort with integrating textures, animation, meshes, adjusting lighting, setting camera angles, optimization, audio

  • Knowledge of version-control systems, agile development methods, and desire to improve asset and scene workflows



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Buttonwood Gaming, LLC


Cambridge, MA, 02139